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The Peru’s Challenge Program is different from most volunteer organisations as it offers a complete volunteer and travel package. Joining a program for fourx weeks provides the opportunity to experience the beauty of Peru through guided tours while time giving something back to local communities. The objective of the Peru's Challenge Program is to help local charities build sustainable communities within rural Cuzco, through an emphasis on education and involving the local community in building and construction as a means of empowerment. The Program aims to showcase the best of Peru so volunteers can travel and understand the history and culture of Peru. It’s the best way to truly experience and understand the country.

Join other volunteers from around the world and together:

  • work side-by-side with locals on a construction project such as building a classroom, toilet block, water reservoir, community house
  • help with lessons in art, English, sport, music
  • improve health and hygiene levels with local doctors and social workers
  • help develop small businesses within communities
  • live together in a volunteer house in Cusco
  • learn Spanish through twice weekly lessons
  • discover Machu Picchu via the famous Inca Trail
  • learn about Peru’s history through guided tours of Lima,  Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

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