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 Since 2003, Peru's Challenge has helped better the lives of the rural communities in Cuzco through building schools and empowering the people of the community toward a sustainable future by providing them with business opportunities and an education. However, providing these great things does not come for free therefore we hugely rely on our support network of sponsors and benefactors to see our aims through. To continue our work in the areas that have the greatest need, Peru's Challenge have outlined these needs: Volunteers

  • For Peru's Challenge to effectively function, a minimum of 10 individual volunteers are needed each month and at least 1 group of volunteers. Approximately 150 volunteers or more per annum ensures that the goals and objectives of Peru's Challenge are met.
  • Geographical focus - Peru's Challenge is trying to expand our volunteer base by appealing to volunteers of all different ages from all over the world. At the moment, Australia is the predominant nation where our volunteers are from. In times to come, there will be a particular focus on USA, Canada and Europe as it is cheaper to travel to Peru from there. 


  • Start and finish the proposal for the Global Development Group (GDG).
  • Gain relationships with corporations for sponsorship.
  • Register for charity/tax deductibility status in Australia.
  • Grants – corporate, governmental and individual.
  • Hosting annual events and fundraisers both locally and internationally.
  • Volunteers applying and participating in Peru's Challenge.
  • Build contacts with government and businesses. 


  • Have a full time employee or an intern from universities or volunteer organisations who will work on the marketing strategy.
  • That our 1 year marketing plan sets a solid foundation for the next 3 years. 


  • Advertising - online, improved website, brochures, flyers, communication pieces, posters, DVDs, Powerpoint presentations, annual reports and newsletters.
  • Public Relations - media relations that include news stories in local, state and national media about the organisation or particular individuals, coverage by travel writers and guides, greater online presence including Wikipedia, Wikitravel and online message boards such as Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor etc., interviews with Jane about Peru's Challenge, association and clubs (churches, scouts, sports and other special interests), PR agencies, travel agencies, foundations, corporate, governmental aid, recruitment agencies, universities, schools and colleges.
  • Marketing - use the media (online, radio, newspapers, television), volunteer placements and organisations, applying for awards and grants, journo famils, NGO’s who can help assist with projects and promote events.

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