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The Peru's Challenge Program was established by Jane Gavel (Australian) and Selvy Ugaz (Peruvian) in 2003. The Program works with volunteers to support the Peruvian organisation Reto Peru Cusco which builds sustainable schools and communities in the Andes of Peru in South America. Sustainability is key to all of the work completed. Reto Peru Cusco commits to working with a community for a period of 3-6 years to develop better health, education, and general living standards, increasing opportunities for the children and the community at large.

Every project we assist with is in conjunction with both the community and school with the ultimate aim of empowering members to improve the situation themselves. Financially this is done through education, and the development of new skills and income-generating projects. Reto Peru Cusco focuses on gaining government support for the community’s primary school, while improving the childrens’ health and uniting the community behind their childrens’ education.

The first priority in each community in which we work is to see that the school is transformed into a safe, happy learning environment supported fully by the government and community. Next, we focus on the needs of the community through Project for Life, working together with the community members to attend to other desired areas of development in the community such as small business development, house renovations, and education and counselling on social problems, this ensures that not only are the community’s children looked after, but each member enjoys the opportunity to have their needs met and enhance their quality of life.

The Reto Peru Cusco management team meets with the School Director, social worker and community leaders at the start of every project and formulates a plan to allow us to decrease our involvement over time, leaving the school and community fully self-sufficient and sustainable at the end of our partnership.

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