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The Peru's Challenge Program is different from most volunteer programs as it offers a complete volunteer and travel package, great for those wanting to travel but are unsure about doing it alone. Our three or four-week Program, enjoyed by more than 2000 volunteers from all around the world, is designed to offer you the opportunity to affordably travel in South America while contributing directly to local communities and creating real opportunities for the children of Peru. It is the best way to truly experience and understand a country. You make great friends and most tend to travel together after the program finishes.

Anyone can become a Peru's Challenge volunteer. You don't need to speak a word of Spanish to work with the children. An open mind and eagerness to help is all we ask. Our programs suit all age groups and cater for all needs. Our youngest volunteer was three years old and our oldest has been 74 years old.

Have an interest in any of the following?

  • working with children, teenagers and adults in community

  • teaching or helping with: reading, writing, English, art and craft, computers, dance, drama, music and sport

  • construction, renovation, painting

  • gardening, environment

  • health, hygiene, nutrition, social work, dental and medical care

  • international development, creation of small businesses

  • living and working with the indigenous people of Peru while learning about their culture

  • traveling and meeting people, learning to speak Spanish

  • organising fundraising events

Even if you haven't done any of these things before, join us on the Peru's Challenge Program, we always need the help.

The ability to speak Spanish is an advantage but not essential. Our volunteer travel package includes a Spanish language course and most of our Peruvian staff can speak some English. We suggest that volunteers with no Spanish experience enroll in a beginners course before they leave home, just to help with the basics. Throughout a typical week, you can choose which specific projects you would like to work on or divide your time between all of them.


Here is a blog from Angelene, describing a typical day volunteering with Peru's Challenge. 

We ask that volunteers contribute around 25-30 hours per week at their designated placement. The rest of the time is yours to enjoy and explore amazing Cuzco. Generally, the day starts at 9am working with the kids at school until 1.30pm. You may lead classes in English, sport, art, dance, music, drama or computers.

If you are not interested in teaching, you can assist with development work such as building, renovating, plumbing, painting, cleaning and gardening. We strive to put you in activities that interest you, but mostly volunteers choose to partake in everything! Each day, we help the kids with general hygiene - washing hands and faces, applying lotion and cleaning teeth.

Afternoons are reserved for Spanish lessons, time for lesson planning, help with office work or free time. Most weeks, include a volunteer meeting. This allows time to talk about your previous week and the timetable for the coming week. This way you can organise your work hours and tasks to complete as well as timetable your Spanish lessons. We can also discuss our progress at the school and how the volunteers feel their jobs are going.




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