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Date started:
March, 2005

Situated 5km from Pisaq in the Sacred Valley, a one-hour drive from Cuzco.

Description and problems:
Approximately 200 families live in this community and the majority cannot afford for their children to go to the State primary school in Pisaq. For the families that can, the biggest problem is that their children, mostly between the ages of seven and twelve, have to walk the five kilometres into Pisaq along a dirty and dusty road. This road is the main transport route for trucks from the Amazon Jungle to Cuzco. Little kids are getting lost in the dust by one truck and then getting run over by the next. The result is devastating. Many have lost their lives or are bedridden for months with serious injuries. Another problem for the community is their water supply. Approximately 1km up the facing mountain from the village is an ancient Incan water drain that holds fresh water. This is the only fresh water accessible for the community but it takes approximately six hours to reach (due to the altitude of 3000m and the sheer steepness of the Andes Mountains). This exhausting trip usually provides only two buckets of water.

How Reto Peru has already helped Education:

  • Renovated, painted and equipped the two existing classrooms
  • Provided physical education and learning materials

Health and Wellbeing:

  • Provided a motorised water pump
  • Built a water resevoir and installed pipes, and there is now clean water for each house.
  • Built flushing toilets
  • Provided toothbrushes and taught children how to brush their teeth properly
  • Provided clothing to all the kids and families
  • Organised numerous doctor visits and provided free medicines
  • Organised for Santa Claus to visit and give every kid a gift and a mug of hot chocolate


  • Conducted numerous House Challenges

What still needs to be done Education:

  • Build and equip a kitchen and eating area
  • Build a play and sports area
  • Construct a perimeter fence
  • Organise for a van to be donated to transport older children to the primary school in Pisaq

Health and Wellbeing:

  • Develop a vegetable garden to supply the lunchtime meals for the kids
  • Continue to organise for doctors to visit the community at least once a month to diagnose and provide free medicines
  • Organise for specialists to visit the community throughout the year ie. optometrists, gynecologists, nutritionists and pediatricians


  • Provide afternoon classes in English and other agricultural, mechanical and tecnical fields to teenagers and young adults
  • Provide afternoon classes to the mothers of the community in weaving, art & craft, painting etc.
  • Provide education sessions on hygiene, nutrition, pregnancy.
  • Organise counseling sessions for victims of alcoholism and domestic violence.
  • Run the House Challenge program to renovate houses in the community.
  • Develop micro-finance programs for the community.

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