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Completed Projects


October 2003 to October 2005.

Situated in the mountains, 20 minutes from the centre of Cuzco.

Picol was primarily an agricultural area providing employment to the community of over 100 families. In the last ten years, much of the fertile land has been taken over by property developers pushing the Picol families off the land, forcing them to leave the area and into unemployment. This unemployment results in families using their children to beg and sell sweets and postcards to tourists, therefore not allowing them to attend school. The other problem was that the Department of Education did not recognise this community as an area to support.

Therefore the school was not receiving teachers or materials. In October 2005, Reto Peru met with the parents association of the school and it was decided that the school should be handed back to the Picol community. Although it happened a lot earlier than we anticipated, we are very happy with the result. As always, the aim of any Reto Peru project is to give it back to the community when they feel they are ready to take over. Reto Peru will continue to assist the community via the Mothers Group. We will also continue our House Challenge program and the regular visits from medical specialists.

How Reto Peru helped Education:

  • Reconstructed the roof of the school.
  • Renovated and painted the four existing classrooms.
  • Built and equipped a kitchen and eating area.
  • Built flushing toilets and hot-water showers.
  • Provided a salary for another teacher to split up grade one and two.
  • Provided physical education and learning materials.
  • Organised excursions for each grade.

Health and Wellbeing:

  • Developed a greenhouse and vegetable garden to supply the lunchtime meals for the kids.
  • Organised for doctors to visit the community and provided free medicines.
  • Organised for specialists to visit the community throughout the year ie. optometrists, gynecologists, nutritionists and pediatricians.
  • Taught general hygiene to the kids and their families, by providing toothbrushes and toothpaste, hair cutting and face and hand cleaning.
  • Developed community action groups in regards to access to safe drinking water.
  • Provided facilities for safe drinking water into a number of houses.


  • Provided afternoon classes to the mothers of the community in weaving, art & craft, painting, jewelry making, etc.
  • Provide education sessions on hygiene, nutrition, pregnancy.
  • Organised counseling sessions for victims of alcoholism and domestic violence.
  • Ran the House Challenge program to renovate houses in the community.
  • Built and equipped a workshop for the mothers group.


Yutto is also an agricultural community situation an hour's drive south of Cuzco. The community survives on selling agricultural products - maiz, potatoes, etc. The school at Yutto is different from most in that it organises two weekly sessions for students. During these two weeks, an agricultural specialist stays at the school to teach the kids all about their field of expertise ie. growing and selling maiz, or breeding and looking after cuy (guinea pig). The community realises that the younger generation cannot keep moving into Cuzco to try and find work as the majority end up unemployed. They know that their livelihood is based around their agricultural success. Reto Peru volunteers assisted as teachers in English, Art and Sport.


San Martin is a great school for kids with special mental and physical needs. Because the school has such a great reputation, placements are hard to find. Over the last six months, we have helped register two girls into the school. Our volunteers regularly visit the school to keep an eye out on Roxanita and Luc Clara and to make sure they are enjoying the classes and doing their homework!

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